Here we go… the much delayed blog mela is finally up. Sorry about the delay — I signed up a long time ago for this, and cir­cum­stances have con­spired to make my week mis­er­ably busy.

First up, this delec­table lit­tle gem from Sidin. Cer­tainly the fun­ni­est post of the week, and pos­si­bly one of the fun­ni­est ever. One post like this can make host­ing a mela so much fun.

The eso­ter­i­cally named Gounder Brownie comes up with a splen­did use for cab­bages. An inno­v­a­tive twist on the idea that I came up with all by myself would be to use a let­tuce in much the same man­ner — it has the added advan­tage of cost­ing less money. Veena chimes in with some Valentine’s day advice of her own. Gawker man­ages to look through all this Dick Cheney brouhaha and draw con­clu­sions that lay cer­tain dodgy old demons to rest. Nice. And here’s a post from Megha I for­got to include the first time around — about what peo­ple seek and what peo­ple get.

Next up, the usual sus­pects. Jai Arjun Singh writes an awe­some review; Chan­dra­has has a great post on lit­er­a­ture — poet Jeet Thayil in this case; Amit has a series of off­beat posts about Pak­istan; the folks at Sepia Mutiny churn out great posts. Humil­ity pre­vents me from link­ing to this post on Thai Pusam, but not to Chenthil’s post on the same topic. DoZ on this blog, waxes elo­quent about plea­sure, pain, books, movies, life. Fal­staff rhymes, then rants. And does it well. In other words, it was a week like any other.

The oblig­a­tory State of Fear post of the week. This time from Patrix. Unre­lated, but here’s Sunil’s com­pre­hen­sive review of Indu Sundaresan’s The Twen­ti­eth Wife. And Karthik just real­ized that one can use as many as three apos­tro­phes in a sin­gle sentence.

Gay­athri on the per­ils of choice. The title of her post reminds me of the fun­ni­est Sub­way story I’ve heard yet: My freshly arrived friend’s reply to the “For here or to go” ques­tion was: Both. And look ma: Three colons on this para­graph. Make that four: Sibyl, bless her soul, has a post on cross­dressers and trans­gen­dereators. Now if that doesn’t bring me vis­i­tors, what will? By the way, great word, isn’t it? Trans­gen­der­a­tors. Must be a smart guy that coined it. To keep the dress­ing thme going, here’s Tilo on non-violent silk; and the thread con­tin­ues as she talks about the silk weavers of Madu­rai. Did I say one post per per­son? Bah.

Full2Faltu rem­i­nisces about the good old times when Door­Dar­shan was the only game in town. Oh, what’s the big deal if a guy makes a few (mil­lion) bucks on the way to killing a lot of bad peo­ple? Let him go, for he does what we can­not says Navin. From Cyn­i­cal Nerd, a longish post about cheer­lead­ers. Before you rush to click, be warned: there are no pic­tures, and many of them are old and male. Arrgh.

Space­man Spiff wants states to be reor­ga­nized, Jeyavel has some pre­dic­tions for India’s cities, Incred­i­bly Me talks about oil changes, the Solil­o­quist muses on being an Indian. Or some­thing like that, it was a long post, so pliss excuse me. Vivek talks about a vil­lage that built its own rail­way station.

Zero — who wants me to make no jokes — qual­i­fies for the longest post of the week award with this. Speak­ing of which, Sandeep writes a Joy­ceian post about ball­girls and wins the longest sen­tence with­out any punc­tu­a­tion award hands down.

On Sports — cricket, of course — Prem Panicker’s out­stand­ing blog still out­stands, the atro­cious inter­face notwith­stand­ing. Anti isn’t too pleased about Moin Khan shoot­ing his mouth off and Ruchir Joshi (who shares Rediff’s hor­rid inter­face with Prem) links to a video on who chucks and who doesn’t. By the way, if your vocab­u­lary is not tuned to crick­etese, let me clar­ify that rhyme notwith­sand­ing, chuckin’ doesn’t mean what you think it means. Dirty chuckers.

The quote of the week, from Prufrock­Two. “Books may be easy to burn, but they aren’t that easy to get rid of.”

The next Mela is at Ashish’s Niti.