Some­one talk­ing to me for the first time is usu­ally struck by two things: How incred­i­bly hand­some I am, and how incred­i­bly smart I am. If they can get over this, they’ll be struck by two more things: How much I love movies, and how much I love books.

Some­one meet­ing Manoj for the first time is usu­ally struck by two things: How much he loves movies, and how much he loves music. Ok, maybe they’ll also be struck by how smart he is. What­ever. That’s not the point.

So any­ways, Manoj and I spend the bet­ter part of our days IMing each other. In nor­mal Eng­lish, cap­i­tal­ized first words and all. (The only allowance for IMs­peak is the ubiq­ui­tous brb, which I thought was a mis­spelt female under­gar­ment when some­one first used it on me. Now I know, and love to use it coz it sounds so, um, kinky.)

Illeana is hot, man.


Damn, Bluff­mas­ter is a copy of Criminal.


Nayan­tara sucks, dude.

I am sleepy now.


Please bear with me, this is going somewhere.

To cut a long story short, we thought it would be fun if we could start a movie blog focus­ing on Indian movies. As an added incen­tive for me, I get to hang out with great writ­ers at both my blogs.

Although the osten­si­ble pur­pose of the blog is to share bits of movie wis­dom we find inter­est­ing, to review movies we like and to share the occa­sional photo we like (*slurp*), the real pur­pose is to bash Nayan­tara. She sucks.

We’re tired of writ­ing long posts (at least I am) and we’ll try to keep the entries short, snarky and sweet. (What’s wrong with lofty goals?). In other words, it’ll be like an IM con­ver­sa­tion with the whole world. Damn, thats almost patentable.

And before I for­get, here’s the URL: (aren’t you jeal­ous we got such a cool name?).

To give credit where it is due, the idea orig­i­nally came from Lavanya. Now she’s some­one that loves movies. Enough to watch even the worst movie in the world with patient indul­gence to the very end, and then sto­ically com­ment on how bad it was before chang­ing DVDs. Enough to watch at least a movie a day — lan­guage no bar — for sev­eral years now. Enough to accu­mu­late a data­base in her head of all the obscure movie trivia that’s fit to print.

I tried to recruit her to write, but it didn’t go too well.

Will you write for the movie blog you wanted us to start?

No, I’d rather watch a movie in that time.

Why don’t you try?

Can you not talk dur­ing the movie?

PS: Thanks to DoZ for look­ing over the tem­plate, to Kuzhali for look­ing over the tem­plate a mil­lion times (and ask­ing me to remove shady ban­ners), to Prash for help with (what else?) the template.